Help us take RFS off the menu. Tell Congress to get rid of the corn ethanol mandate.

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RFS Effects on the Earth

The RFS creates a staggering demand for corn that cripples land use policies and eliminates millions of acres of land set aside for conservation. Learn more.

Chain Restaurants are Small Businesses in Local Communities All Across the Country

We see firsthand how higher food prices have pinched budgets and hampered the economy

The RFS Dramatically Increases Food Prices for Chain Restaurants & Consumers

Beef +7.5% Chicken +7.7% Pork +15% Potatoes +13% Corn Products +26.8%  Overall +10%*


Experts Agree Burning Corn for Fuel Isn't Working

80% ofU.S. Farmland would have to be devoted to raising corn for ethanol in order to meet RFS targets*

* “Meeting Biofuel Production Targets Could Change Agricultural Lanscape,” American Chemical Society.


What People are Saying


All the way from Iowa, the #ethanol mandate manages to pollute the Gulf of Mexico.  #EarthDay 


We agree with @ewg: new study proving environmental harm should be nail in #ethanol mandate's coffin   #EarthDay


From #GHG emissions to #water use & pollution, the #RFS is bad for the environment.  #EarthDay

What is the RFS?

The federal RFS mandate raises food costs for restaurants and consumers by billions and billions of dollars every year.


The RFS Hurts Small Business

How? Click on our video to learn more.

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Help spread the word that the RFS needs to be repealed to keep food prices fair and affordable for American families and small businesses.



The RFS Raises Food Prices

American consumers and small business food retailers can’t afford to let the RFS drive up the price of everyday foods.


Food Coalition Applauds Legislation

RFS Off the Menu Applauds Legislation to Repeal Failed Corn Ethanol Mandate.