As the owner of a small Wendy’s franchise with my wife, Judy, and our sons, Eddie and Jeff, we have lived the American dream

"When a government policy distorts the market so much that restaurants, our suppliers, grocery stores and consumers are forced to pay more than we would under normal market conditions, it’s time to change it."

We have worked for decades to build our business, one store at a time. We are the face of American small business. We help put people to work in the local community where we live. The corn ethanol mandate, or RFS, is costing my small company up to $34,000 more in higher food costs per restaurant, each and every year. For our family business, that’s approximately $374,000 a year in additional costs. As small businesses we are forced to compete every day – we have to deliver a good product at an affordable price. We don’t receive incentives or handouts and we don’t believe other industries should either. Mandating corn ethanol goes against the principles of this country, ones built on the ingenuity and hard work of those willing to risk their livelihoods to build something and in turn create jobs and opportunities for others along the way.

Ed Anderson
Wendy’s | Virginia