Whether or not you see corn on a menu, the RFS affects every chain restaurant's bottom line. The mandate has increased prices on vegetables, meats, dairy products and grains, which has increased food costs up to 10 percent overall for many of America's small business owners.

This price volatility makes it harder for individual chain restaurants to continue to offer affordable options to their customers.

The RFS adds $3.2 billion annually in costs for chain restaurants, which is money that could be spent on creating value for consumers, job creation and investment in local communities.1

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  • For quick-service restaurants, the RFS increases total costs by $2.5 billion or 10 percent — that' an additional $18,190 in costs per restaurant.

  • For full-service restaurants, the RFS increases total costs by $691 million or nearly 9 percent — that’s an additional $17,195 in costs per restaurant.

Chain restaurants are an important part of our communities. They operate in every state throughout America, providing jobs, career training, entrepreneurial opportunities and support for community organizations. Support the RFS Off the Menu to repeal the corn ethanol mandate.

1 “Federal Ethanol Policies and Chain Restaurant Food Costs,”PricewaterhouseCoopers study, November 2012.